Stone Arch Commodities
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Stone Arch Commodities


Delivering supply chain solutions for containerized agricultural products to customers around the world.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Stone Arch Commodities serves customers throughout the world with high quality food and feed ingredients. Stone Arch works with grain processors, elevators, and farmers throughout the U.S. and Canada to consistently supply international markets with reliable ag products. Specializing in containerized cargo, our experienced team manages all aspects of the supply chain from product origination, truck, rail, and vessel logistics, to all necessary documentation requirements to optimize the efficiencies that intermodal container transportation provides.




708 N. 1st St., Suite 340
Minneapolis, MN 55401


Main: 1 (612) 356-5160


Our Promise to Deliver.

Quality products

We understand how important quality material inputs are to the businesses of customers around the world.  Maintaining a focus on sourcing the highest quality ingredients is rooted in the core of our business. 

reliable Execution

Timely, reliable execution to help your business thrive.  We aim to remove as many variables as possible for your feed origination.  When working with Stone Arch, you can rest assured that execution will be second to none.

Timely Documentation

Clean and orderly documentation is no small part of the import-export process.  Our team of international document specialists are committed to making your import shipment as organized and hassle free as possible.

Member Organizations

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